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They say it takes a village to raise a child, and while that’s true, its also true in the business world.

Every successful business has a team of talented professionals working with them toward success. You can hardly be an expert at everything needed to successfully run a business. That’s why sourcing great professionals in different industries is so important.

We’re also aware that when you come looking for an accountant, you may need other specialty services. Perhaps you need help with deciding where to invest the money gained from your tax savings. Maybe you’re in the middle of a major transaction and need a lawyer to help smooth out the details. While we at Schwan & Associates are excellent at accounting, bookkeeping, at tax services, we can’t perform these other tasks for you – that’s why we work with trusted industry partners.

A Team of Professional Partners You Can Trust

We want to make sure all of your needs are taken care of, not just your accounting. Here are just a few of industries we work closely with:


There are plenty of legalities to owning a business. Often, lawyers are there not only to help through tough situations, but to help you build the framework of your business.

These lawyers are often strategic partners or coaches for our clients. This means they can help you spot opportunities, avoid bad deals, and resolve minor disputes without going to court.

Approaching a lawyer for legal services is a matter of trust. This is why we only provide referrals for lawyers we’ve worked with before, or who have been recommended to us by satisfied clients. We have lawyers we partner with regularly for tasks like incorporation services. We’re also familiar with lawyers specializing in different types of law, including litigation, family law, commercial law, and copyright law.


Insurance is a necessary expense no matter what industry you work in. This can be a concern for small business owners, especially when it comes down to how much insurance will cost. While your accountants can help you know how much money you have, they cannot insure you against potential damages or protect your assets.

You need an insurance policy you can trust to protect your business, your assets, your intellectual property, and more. We work with some of the best insurance brokers in Edmonton. The Schwan CPA team will help you set an insurance budget you can handle, and then we’ll help you get in touch with a professional who can find you the best policies and coverage within that budget.


Thanks to our cloud-based accounting systems, we understand how important an IT professional can be for your business. If you work online or with a computer, you know that sometimes technology can fail: your server dies, your email is hacked, your printer stops working. You don’t want to be left unable to work because of a computer failure. With an IT professional on your team you can quickly solve any issues that arise and continue with business as usual.

An IT pro can also help you further integrate your business with online programs and set you up with cyber security options so your business, personal, and customer data is always safe.

Financial Planning & Wealth Management

When you’re looking for financial advice, you may have to decide whether you need a financial planner or an accountant. We can say with confidence that often, you need both.

For most of the day-to-day and year-to-year business financials, you’ll need an accountant. We can help you with specific financial issues surrounding your bookkeeping and taxes. However, if you’re looking for advice on debt management, investing, and wealth management, then you’ll need a financial planner. Working with both of these professionals will help you manage your business’ financials in the short- and long-term.


Marketing is key to your business. Once you know what you’re offering, you need to find your customers and get in front of them. While an accountant can measure your marketing budget, cost, and success, we don’t have the expert knowledge to market your business for you. Hiring a marketing professional can be key in promoting your business, which in turn has a great impact on your business financials. From photographers and website designers to SEO specialists, we have contacts within the marketing industry that can help move your business forward.

Are you currently looking for any of these professional services? Your business deserves the help of experts from every industry. We’d be happy to share our industry contacts. We only recommend professionals that we know and trust, because we want to make sure you’re fully covered when you need something outside the range of our expertise.

Jeff Schwan

Jeff established Schwan & Associates CPA to bring unique “cloud-based” accounting services to small and medium-sized Edmonton businesses. Inspired by the quality time spent with his family, Jeff’s goal is to put more time back in the hands of the busy entrepreneurs who strengthen Edmonton’s business community. With 10+ years of experience in diverse management roles, Jeff has acquired a strong set of leadership and mentoring skills. He is, and always has been, an educator at heart. He knows the value of spreading knowledge, investing in people, and continually learning.

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