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QuickBooks Tips and Tricks for Trades and Construction Companies

When it comes to accounting software, QuickBooks Online (QBO) is a clear winner for trades, contractors, and construction companies. We have helped small business owners in Alberta implement QBO to improve their productivity and revenues. However, another way that QBO helps businesses thrive is by creating opportunities for improving client relationships. Today, we’d like to share a few of the top strategies we use when helping clients set up their accounting software.


Save Time to Spend on Your Customers Instead of Your Accounting Software

Next to financial resources, your own time is often the most valuable asset you have in your small business. We have three simple ways to cut down on your time spent managing your books.

Setting Up Recurring Transactions

Do you work with clients on a regular basis or make recurring payments to suppliers? If so, the recurring transactions feature can help you avoid manually entering every transaction in QuickBooks Online.

Automating Your Bank Statements and Credit Card Statements

There are plenty of options for automation in QBO, including the ability to automatically import transactions directly from your bank. To set this up, just head to the banking tab in QBO and sign in to your banking institution. You can link to bank accounts and credit card accounts. Each time you look at your transactions, you’ll see up to the minute information in your account.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts for Commonly Used Functions

We always recommend using Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer when you open your QBO so you can take advantage of some simple QBO shortcuts on your keyboard. Most of these are simple commands using “ctrl alt” or “ctrl option” (or the “command” key on a Mac).


Creating a Full Customer Experience through Templates

Your brand is the face of your business, so it should show through, even in items such as your invoices and receipts. Keep all of your paperwork looking sharp and recognizable.

Add Your Branding to Generate Trust and Recognition

With so many email scams out there, branding is becoming more important in all communications with customers. You can add details such as your logo to your invoices, creating an instantly recognizable document that customers will know they can trust.

Keep Things Consistent for Your Regular Customers

Templates for invoices and receipts save you time and make sure your customers always know what to expect when you invoice them. We recommend taking a few moments to look over your templates and see where there are opportunities to connect through customizable messages. For example, you can add a short message to thank your customer, and even ask for a review or feedback by linking to your social media or a review website.


Keeping Everything Up to Date

When you’re running from jobsite to jobsite, it’s important to have all of your information travel with you. QBO offers the ability to look up, change, and add information on the go.

Make Payments Easy & Instant

Cash flow management issues can keep trades and construction companies on their toes. By offering your customers an option to pay as soon as they open an invoice, you make it more likely that they’ll pay you as soon as they see it. That translates to better cash flow and more stress-free business operations.

Get the App so You Can Have Information Instantly

If your client has a question about a quote or invoice while you’re on site, you can easily log into the QBO app to check all of your information. You can even keep it on hand to upload invoices and transactions in the moment, which means you can throw receipts out right away after snapping a photo (instead of letting them pile up in the backseat of your truck!)


Get More Out of Your QuickBooks with Professional Setup and Accounting Services

Our accountants at Schwan & Associates CPA are QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors. This means we are uniquely qualified to help you set up and get the most out of your QBO subscription. If you are seeking a better solution for your bookkeeping and accounting needs, or

if you need help transitioning from QuickBooks Desktop to the online version, we are happy to help. Reach out to book a consultation for your trades or construction company today.

Get More Out of Your QuickBooks with Professional Setup and Accounting Services



Jeff Schwan

Jeff established Schwan & Associates CPA to bring unique “cloud-based” accounting services to small and medium-sized Edmonton businesses. Inspired by the quality time spent with his family, Jeff’s goal is to put more time back in the hands of the busy entrepreneurs who strengthen Edmonton’s business community. With 10+ years of experience in diverse management roles, Jeff has acquired a strong set of leadership and mentoring skills. He is, and always has been, an educator at heart. He knows the value of spreading knowledge, investing in people, and continually learning.

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